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Well-being & Stress Management

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We help you make healthy eating and living a sustainable and enjoyable part your lifestyle to manage your stress levels and improve your overall health. Our program is tailored to every client needs. Join our comprehensive coaching program.

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Weight Management

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Are you struggling to lose or gain weight or burn fat at particular parts of your body?
We provide fresh sustainable strategies to nourish your body and achieve your short- and long-term weight goals. No quick fixes or restriction.

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Healthy blood sugars start here

Have you been diagnosed with Prediabetes, Diabetes, or Gestational diabetes or you’ve been living with it for a while. We understand diabetes and provide you with a sustainable and realistic evidence-based advice on “what to eat”, “how much to eat” and “when to eat” to keep a healthy blood sugar.

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Fertility & Pregnancy

We provide you with best nourishment to increase your chance of being getting pregnancy, having a healthy pregnancy journey with less complications as well as having a healthy baby.
Prenatal | Pregnancy | Postpartum Care

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Chronic Disease

We help you eat healthy to decrease your cholesterol, manage your blood pressure,
treat and manage stroke, reduce inflammation and maximize diet quality for good health.

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Family & Kids

We help parents and caregivers with the best evidence based practical nutrition advice, support and meal plans tailored to their age and health needs. We help with breastfeeding problems, fussy eating, problem feeders, starting solids, healthy growth management, adolescents feeding and more.

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Aged Care

We provide an in-person and home service aged nutrition care for clients with nutrition and health challenges. Book our dietitians in Ghana now!

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Gut Health

Tummy troubles can be very disturbing and discomforting. Our gut health dietitians help
with tummy troubles, intolerance and gastrointestinal diseases like peptic ulcer, etc.

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PCOS & Hormonal

We provide you with best practical tailored evidence-based nutrition and lifestyle advice and support for PCOS, Endometriosis, Menopause, Thyroid and other hormonal challenges.

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I have lost 15.6kg in 9 months just with the change of my diet and lifestyle. I also got treated of Pre-diabetes after being newly diagnosed at the hospital just by loosing my weight and eating healthy with a flexible meal plan from Nimart Nutrition.
Mr Walter
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I had my cholesterol level dropped from high to healthy in 8 days after my session with Dietitian Nii. He gave me a flexible meal plan and recommended supplements which really helped me.
Mr Amankwah
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The meal plan has been of great help to me in my journey to healthy living and weight loss. The meal plan is practical, not restrictive. Ingredients can be found in everyday market. I am learning to eat my meals in portion. My greatest issue was unhealthy snacking. I now have healthy options to snack which are very to come by.
Samuel Stevens
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